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EWM 2016, June 1-3, Berlin The 2016 European Worm Meeting (EWM) taking place June 1 – 3 in Berlin (Germany) at the Max Delbrück Center (MDC). All scientists worldwide are ...
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Hydra, Greece, Sunday 4 September - Friday 9 September 2016 Helminth parasitology has proven to be one of the fastest growing research areas across a spectrum of scientific activities from ...
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We are very excited to announce that the Committee of Senior Officials has formally approved our COST proposal. Let the Action (BM1408) begin!! ...
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First GENIE meeting……enjoyed! The GENIE is out……….we recently held a successful kick-off meeting in the beautiful surrounds of Weggis, Swtizerland. Big thanks to all who attended, especially Jean Gayon, Bart ...
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Exciting paper on the epigenetic regulation of a natural transdifferentiation event from the Jarriault lab sheds light on the onion-layered molecular mechanisms of cell plasticity. Abstract Science Magazine ...
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