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Author: Jennifer Tullet

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Exciting Post doc opportunity to study the role of RNA pol III in longevity.

Applications are invited for an independent, forward thinking postdoctoral research fellow with a passion for ageing biology. The research in the Tullet laboratory aims to understand how transcription underpins the plasticity of adult physiology and lifespan in the nematode worm C. elegans. We are interested in a range of components of the eukaryotic transcriptional apparatus, from basal transcriptional machinery (see Filer et al. 2017 Nature) to specific transcription factors (Tullet et al. 2017 Ageing Cell and Tullet et al., 2008) and their role in adult physiology, health and lifespan. The laboratory is part of the School of Biosciences at the University of Kent. This BBSRC-funded project aims to elucidate the molecular mechanisms whereby partial inhibition of RNA polymerase III can extend lifespan in the worm. The long-term aim of this work is to ensure human health and wellbeing throughout the life course. The project will be conducted in collaboration with Dr Nazif Alic (University College London) and Prof. Colin Selman (University of Glasgow).