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Author: Richard Poole

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Approval of our COST proposal

We are very excited to announce that the Committee of Senior Officials has formally approved our COST proposal. Let the Action (BM1408) begin!!  ...

First Genie meeting

First GENIE meeting……enjoyed! The GENIE is out……….we recently held a successful kick-off meeting in the beautiful surrounds of Weggis, Swtizerland. Big thanks to all who attended, especially Jean Gayon, Bart Deplanke @FlyJedi, Cathy Southworth @eurostemcell and the sponsors SKMB and EMBO. To spy on the meeting and find out about future meetings:

Epigenetics direct transdifferentiation

Exciting paper on the epigenetic regulation of a natural transdifferentiation event from the Jarriault lab sheds light on the onion-layered molecular mechanisms of cell plasticity. Abstract Science Magazine ...