Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
of the European Union

Cytoskeleton Workshop

GENiE workshop

Feb. 7 – 8, 2019


Organizers: Ronen Zaidel-Bar

COST BM1408  is organizing a cytoskeleton workshop in Tel-Aviv, Israel


About the workshop

This workshop is intended to bring together C. elegans researchers working on the cytoskeleton and its regulation, at all levels, from chromosome segregation by microtubules and actomyosin rings driving cell division to disease models of laminopathies. The workshop will foster interdisciplinary collaborations, through the sharing of unpublished results and discussion of projects, methods and ideas. This workshop, organized by COST BM1408, will be open to GENiE PIs and their group members, as well as anyone else who works on the cytoskeleton in worms.



Up to 15 GENiE participants will be reimbursed for travel and accommodation by COST Action BM1408, according to COST regulations. BM1408 participants from ITC countries are automatically eligible for reimbursement. The workshop is limited to 30 participants.


Application and registration

By email to

Registration deadline is August 2nd, 2018. There is no registration fee. However, upon registration, participants will be asked to pre-pay for catering.


Preliminary program

The workshop will consist of short talks, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities in beautiful Tel-Aviv. For details and the latest information, please visit the workshop site.


This workshop is supported by COST action BM1408