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Interdisplinary approaches in C. elegans biology

Interdisplinary approaches in C. elegans biology

November 12 – 13, 2015

University of Rennes

Organizer: Grégoire Michaux

Scientific Programme

This workshop on Interdisplinary approaches to study C. elegans biology will include short talks and plenty of discussion, and will focus on the early C. elegans embryo. Four sessions of different lengths will accommodate different topics (biophysics, imaging, polarity) and thematics: modeling, biophysics, high throughput, chemistry (nanoparticles), and imaging. Programme include: Keynote speaker : Sylvie Tournier, Toulouse who will present her work about yeast cell division. Most presentations were focussed on the C. elegans embryo first division, exploring polarity modelisation, spindle biophysics, cortex organisation, actin dynamics, and evolution; Discussion sessions on discussions on embryo morphogenesis, gene networks and imaging during embryogenesis; A poster session to foster more discussions; A demonstration of a new super resolution system by a sponsor (BioAxial).

Output(s) New tools, techniques and analysis procedures for biophysical/biochemical modelling of nematode – – creation of opportunities for young C. elegans lab heads to meet and be aware of the expertise present in the ERA – Establishment of new collaborations or joint grant applications


Grégoire Michaux

Scientific Committee

Nate Goehring, Grégoire Michaux, Anne Pacquelet, Jacques Pécréaux

Selection of workshop participants and funding eligibility

  • Participants: total number of participants fixed by the local organiser • if the number of attendees is limiting, priority is given to GENiE labs, and GENiE labs who have not attended another activity (workshop, training school, STSM, Action meeting). A balanced gender ratio and participation from less research-intensive countries will be sought. • a balance in the GENiE countries represented to be sought • a gender balance to be sought • open to scientists external to the network upon a registration fee (no COST funding available then) • if the number of attendee is limiting, external people to the network can only attend if spots are available, after accommodating network people, and in the limit of 20%.
  • Funding: total funded spots at this 2 days workshop (typically day 1 at 2pm to day 3 at noon) : max 15 participants; flat rates for up to 2 meals (20€), accommodation (90€/nights, up to 2 nights), participation to travel (real costs and up to 275€), LOS: 20€/pers/day and 600€ max, must include 2 lunches
  • funding priority: to GENiE labs who have not yet benefitted from COST funding (workshop, training school, STSM, Action meeting) -i) in the same granting period – ii) overall during the length of the Action
  • Note (when applications to the Action activities exceed capacities) only one activity/granting period/member lab subsidised, except for organisers (and thus participants) of one activity who can be eligible for reimbursement of another activity in the same granting period.

This workshop is supported by COST action BM1408