Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
of the European Union

Proteostasis in aging and disease

GENiE workshop

Nov. 7 – 11, 2017

Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences, Split, Croatia

Organizer: Anita Krisko


Protein quality control mechanisms are required for normal cellular functioning. Protein homeostasis (proteostasis) encompasses the equilibrium between synthesis, conformational maintenance, and degradation of damaged proteins. While protein synthesis has a critical role in making the proteome and promoting cell growth, failure to eliminate misfolded proteins can lead to inactivation of functional proteins as well as cell degeneration, as seen in numerous diseases and aging. A network of molecular chaperones, protein degradation machineries, and stress-response pathways, whose coordinated action senses and counteracts protein misfolding, maintains cellular proteostasis. Each of these aspects will be considered in the framework of this meeting.


The main goal of this meeting is to unite expertise from different aspects of proteostasis research and to discuss recent developments in the field. The sessions will cover:

  1. protein quality control,
  2. regulation of proteostasis,
  3. communication of proteostasis with other cellular pathways, and
  4. proteostasis in aging and age-related diseases.

This workshop is supported by COST action BM1408

Registration details

 Preliminary Programme

Day 1

From 14:00 – Arrival and check-in

15:00-17:30 – Registration

18:00-20:00 – Welcome reception & Dinner

20:00-21:00 – Talk #1


Day 2

Session 1: Protein Quality Control

09:00-10:40 – Talks by participants

10:40-11:10 – Coffee break

11:10-12:50 – Talks by participants

12:50-14:00 – Lunch


Session 2: Proteostasis regulation

15:45-17:55 – Talks by participants

17:55-18:15 – Coffee Break

18:15-19:25 – Talks by participants

19:30-21:00 – Dinner

21:00-23:00 – Poster Session 1


Day 3

Session 3: Communication of proteostasis

09:00-10:40 – Talks by participants 1

10:40-11:10 – Coffee break

11:10-12:50 – Talks by participants

12:50-14:00 – Lunch

Session 4: Proteostasis in aging and disease

15:45-17:55 – Talks by participants

19:00         – Dinner