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OCTOBER 23-25 TH 2014



The first GENiE meeting took place in Weggis, a small village on the scenic shore of Lake Luzern on Oct 23-25th 2014.

 A very big thank you to all those who made it so enjoyable. In addition to finding out more about who we all are, what we all work on and admiring the great mountain views, several non-GENiE’s dropped by to share their thoughts. We heard about the philosophy of model organisms from Jean Gayon, got tips on model organism-based networks from @FlyJedi Bart Deplanke and learnt more about engaging the public in basic research from Cathy Southworth. The GENiE is out of the bottle…

Organisers (do not hesitate to contact them to send any meeting pictures!):

Peter Meister
Juan Cabello
Dominique Glauser
Richard Poole
Sophie Jarriault



Future Meetings

The second GENiE meeting to be held in…

Watch this space for information about upcoming meetings. If you would like to get more involved in meeting organisation please get in contact (which email here?).

This meeting is supported by COST action BM1408


We are very indebted to the EMBO YIP for their essential and generous support to get not only this meeting, but the GENiE network in general, off the ground.
In addition, the SKMB (Swiss commission for Molecular Biology) has provided additional funding for the organization of this meeting.