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Opportunities for Postdocs, Master/PhD, PhD students and Research Assistants.

08 Mar Opportunities for Postdocs, Master/PhD, PhD students and Research Assistants.

Opportunities for Postdocs, Master/PhD, PhD students and Research Assistants.

Gartner lab, Institute of Basic Science, Center for Genome Integrity, Ulsan, South Korea.

The Gartner lab ( recently moved from Dundee, Scotland to the Institute of Basic Science (IBS) Center for Genome Integrity (CGI) the UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, campus in Ulsan, South Korea. We are using both C. elegans and mammalian cells as model systems to understand basic mechanisms of genome integrity.

We are looking for PhD students, Master/PhD students Postdocs, Research Assistants interested in Genetic Integrity, Chromosome Biology and Genome Research and Bioinformatics. Working at the IBS center provides a chance to work in a truly international environment.

We are particularly encouraging applications for our combined Master (2 years)/PhD (up to 5 years) programe. The Gartner lab has a strong track record in mentoring graduate students (

UNIST, which was opened in 2009, has the ambition to become a premier, word leading Research University. At UNIST, all undergraduate teaching is done in English.  The Institute for Basic Science (IBS) was founded in 2011 and since then 30 IBS research centres opened up throughout Korea. Our ambition at the CGI is to become a leading Research Centre for Genome Integrity and Chromosome Biology. Building up the new branch for Genetic and Genomic Toxicology provides excellent opportunities. The IBS center has access to most generous core support. The campus is nicely located, in the outskirts of Ulsan, a city of ~ one million, 15 km from the city centre in a valley, surrounded by woods. A high-speed train station can be reached within 10 minutes and provides connections to Busan the second largest city of Korea (close to Japan) and Seoul within ~20 minutes and ~2 hours (U$ ~40 for a one-way ticket, 400km), respectively.

Please have a look at our website: Students and Postdocs will be advised by myself, Stephane Rolland and Dmitry Ivanov.

Please contact us as at: (Anton), or (Dmitry) or (Stephane)

For joining as a Master/PhD or PhD student the next period for turning in applications is from March 30th to April 15th (

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