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Mark Blaxter

We are generating and analysing genomes for species across the genus Caenorhabditis and many other Rhabditina...

Maria Olmedo

Control of cell proliferation and arrest in response to the nutritional state of multicellular organisms...

Van den Heuvel, Sander

Our research focuses on the coordinated regulation of cell division and differentiation in the context of animal development....

Trifunovic, Aleksandra

Gaining deeper understanding of mito-nuclear communication and how this influences cell-autonomous and non-autonomous changes...

Pires da Silva, Andre

We use C. elegans as the reference nematode to perform comparative studies in cell biology, developmental biology and genetics. We currently have projects on soma-to-germline transmission of information, evolution of aging, and evolution of sex determination...

Ahringer, Julie

We investigate the regulation of chromatin function and gene expression in C. elegans....