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Söti, Csaba

We investigate the organization of various stress-responsive adaptation mechanisms that tailor life-span, immunity and learning / memory formation....

Diomede, Luisa

My principal interest is the development of therapeutic strategies against amyloid-related pathologies using a variety of approaches including molecular biology, biochemical and biophysical analysis, and neuropathology....

McMullan, Rachel

Using C. elegans we are investigating how animals respond to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. Animals, including humans, use two main strategies to defend themselves; the best characterised is the immune response but behavioural changes also play an important role in defence. ...

Barrios, Arantza

My lab aims to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which neural circuits execute behavioural decisions. The circuit we are studying regulates the C. elegans male's decision to exploit a source of food or to explore in search in mates....