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Neural circuits

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Rodrigues, Ana João

We are using C. elegans as a model organism to dissect the biological role of genes associated with neurodevelopmental disorders such as epilepsy, autism and mental retardation....

Barrios, Arantza

My lab aims to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which neural circuits execute behavioural decisions. The circuit we are studying regulates the C. elegans male's decision to exploit a source of food or to explore in search in mates....

Glauser, Dominique A.

How animals sense environmental cues, integrate information in the nervous system, and produce appropriate behaviors is a fundamental question in neurosciences. We study nociception, the sensation of noxious stimuli, and resulting aversive behaviors in C. elegans....

Ch’ng, QueeLim

My lab investigates how neural representation and processing of environmental cues via gene expression orchestrates development and physiology using a systems biology approach. We combine molecular genetics, high-throughput imaging and computational analysis in C. elegans to discern how neuroendocrine circuit respond and integrate environmental information to modulate development, longevity and other aspects of physiology....