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Pokrzywa, Wojciech

The goal of our research is to understand both, spatiotemporal control of protein quality control activity as well as substrate processing....

Kirstein, Janine

My research aims to understand the causative role of protein misfolding in neurodegenerative diseases...

Korenblit, Sivan

Developing new ways to overcome age-related proteostasis collapse, focusing on the UPR-ER...

Vilchez Guerrero, David

Our research is focused on defining how stem cells maintain proteostasis and identify novel mechanisms to delay the age=associated decline of proteostasis...

David, Della

Our lab aims to identify these regulatory mechanisms and to evaluate how physiological protein aggregation impacts the health of the organism during aging and in the context of disease....

Houtkooper, Riekelt

Owing to improved medical care and treatment our society is rapidly aging. As a result, age-related diseases are also on the rise. These have a strong impact on the aging individual as well as on our society. Age-related maladies involve multiple and often distinct organ systems....

Hoppe, Thorsten

Differentiation, developmental processes and environmental changes challenge the integrity of the proteome in every eukaryotic cell. Proteostasis is maintained by re-folding or degradation of unfolded and damaged proteins and enables cellular function, organismal development and viability....